Chris Cooper

President & Chief Executive Officer

Chris has over 20 years of experience in the PVC extrusion and injection molding industry.  He is a second generation owner of the business that his father, Phillip Cooper started in 1987.  Chris began his early years with the business learning from the ground up.  Given the wisdom his Father imparted, Phillip required Chris to learn all aspects of the manufacturing process before he could take an office position.  Chris spent countless hours in the plants learning the trade.  From mixing, tooling setups, tooling breakdown, startups, shutdowns, troubleshooting and machinery maintenance Chris learned every aspect of the production side.  From there he was promoted to General Manager with responsibilities of handling the day-to-day activities.  Chris would keep this role until 2005, when he purchased the business from his Father and became President & CEO.  Chris continues to run the business with a “hands on” approach that was engrained in him from his early years with the company.

Chris holds a degree in Business Management (minor in Small Business & Entrepreneurship) from Florida State University and an M.B.A. from Florida Southern College.


Don Millman

Vice President

It was during his college years that Don got his first experience in manufacturing. Working with a basic chemical and food ingredient company, he started in inside sales. His main driving force was getting to an outside sales position. Along the way, he paid his dues in inventory management, export sales, and accounts payable. Don worked in facilities that manufactured adhesives, coatings, propylene’s, ethylene’s and PVC. When he got to an outside sales position in PVC, he was well groomed in the manufacturing process. What Don needed to learn was more in the way of research and development. Working closely with a chemical engineer, they began to penetrate markets beyond “bottle compounds.” As the company grew, it ultimately ended up being sold to a larger manufacturer. Don was able to take his acquired knowledge, and limited technical experience to a PVC extrusion compound producer. They began to produce PVC injection molding compounds, selling them to a wide variety of markets. Don maintained a relationship with C&S Plastics as a supplier, and with Chris Cooper in ownership. With Chris’s purchase of C&S Plastics in 2005, his driving force was expansion and Don’s was to sell more compounds. As the communications became more frequent, both Chris and Don came to the realization that if they combined forces; they could really make an impact. From there, it was a matter of packing up the family and moving from New Jersey to Florida. With all kinds of challenges from relocation to the pressures of bringing a small company to the next level, Chris and Don went about creating a strong foundation for their growth. They have continued to build on this ever since.
Don holds a B.A. degree in Communications from Montclair State University.


Ray Bearden

Facility/Fabrication Manager

Ray joined C&S Plastics in February 2005. He is qualified by many years of manufacturing experience coupled with an ability to plan all of preventive and real time maintenance within our facility. Ray’s many years of service with the Valvoline/Ashland Company brings a clear focus on all Environmental Health and Safety aspects of our business.

As Facility’s Manager and Chief Fabrication Specialist Ray is responsible for the release and approval of all first articles of new production.


Jimmie Cooper

Senior Mold Engineer

Qualifications include over 15 years Molding and Mold setting experience. As Sr. Mold Engineer Jimmie, is responsible for all new starts and new product development. Jimmie is a certified Mold engineer through the Nissei Corporation of Injection Molding, specializing in product compliance and new product classifications.