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Railing System PVC Fitting Facts:

• Custom wall thicknesses
• High impact pipe and fittings
• Strong UV resistance

Creating the Industry’s Most Durable Railing Systems

C&S Plastics has taken its experience in producing high impact, strong UV resistant materials into the railing systems market. C&S Plastics’ solid wall pipe ensures that the slightest scratch on the outside wall will go unnoticed. In addition, our strong weathering characteristics will not compromise the look or integrity of the finished product no matter the environmental conditions. Our high gloss furniture grade quality gives the feeling of newness year after year. Expanded offerings in colors are formulated with the same exacting standards.

C&S Plastics has always maintained that the inside diameter tolerances are as important as the outside diameter. This critical approach allows our customers to utilize inserts to comply with various building codes throughout the country. Whether the railing is going to be on the ground or up on a high rise building, C&S Plastics’ consistency is going to ensure the compliancy necessary to finish the project. Our wide range of sizes in fittings and pipe give our customers an infinite amount of design options. If we do not have the size required, C&S Plastics is always willing to look at expanding our catalog to meet our customer needs.

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Our extrusion technicians have an average of 9 years experience with C & S Plastics, giving us a stable, consistent workforce that understands our processes and machinery, and is able to develop new products based on strong knowledge of what our extruders can produce.

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