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Conveyor Rollers / Industrial PVC Fitting Facts:

• Tight tolerances (ID & OD)
• Varied walls, sizes available in pipe
• High impact, industrial grade formulations

Creating the Industry’s Most Durable Conveyor Rollers / Industrial Fittings

C&S Plastics has always prided itself on producing consistent products with tight tolerance ranges. Due to the critical specifications we demand internally in our everyday production, our cylinders have found their way into a number of conveyor and industrial applications. Our in house formulations give the flexibility of getting UV or Non UV resistant cylinders in a variety of sizes. Tooling has been carefully selected to give C&S Plastics the ability to draw up or down on wall thicknesses.

Customers continue to see the benefits of moving their industrial/ conveyor applications away from higher cost engineered materials and over to C&S Plastics PVC cylinders. The attributes of our cylinders include chemical and corrosion resistance. Switching from typical metal rollers to PVC allows for a lighter weight system, easier installation and replacement of cylinders, as well as low maintenance. C&S Plastics’ uniform thickness allows the finished conveyor system to operate quietly and with considerably less friction. Our non scratching surface allows for the safe handling of clear panels such as glass.

Our wide array of color offerings has increased productivity within a number of factories. Now systems can be produced to give visual contrast to whatever is being inspected or handled. This has proven to be especially beneficial in the food industry. Equally important is that C&S Plastics cylinders are made from solid wall PVC that is fully traceable back to the raw materials and do not contain any heavy metals or phthalates.

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Our extrusion technicians have an average of 9 years experience with C & S Plastics, giving us a stable, consistent workforce that understands our processes and machinery, and is able to develop new products based on strong knowledge of what our extruders can produce.

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