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When a color choice falls outside C&S Plastics’ current palette, we can custom formulate that gives the desired properties.

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Custom PVC Blending

C&S Plastics holds a unique position in relation to the rest of the market in regards to being able to formulate our own compounds for use in our pipe production.  With blending operations in our facility, we are able to make exact formulas that meet the varied expectations of our customers.  It also allows C&S Plastics the opportunity to experiment with different combinations of ingredients, test varied raw materials, and introduce a full spectrum of color options.  We can also deliver on short runs, and set low order minimums for unique jobs.  As raw materials become more effective and efficient, we can do careful analysis, evaluation and qualification.  This allows the customer to benefit from unique products that meet the varied expectations within the framework of their applications.    Though this can be done through PVC compounders, it is usually detrimental from a timeframe and costing standpoint.

Additionally, our in house experience in PVC compounding allows us a vast knowledge base to pull from.  We can interact with our suppliers of injection molding materials to come up with unique PVC compounds to mirror our extrusion formulations.  Our relationships with numerous pigment supply houses allow us access to a full spectrum of color options.

Having more qualified suppliers also helps the customer in that we are able to better control costing.  With a supply chain that has numerous vendors, we are able to manage costing more effectively.  This means as a client, you can confidently quote out a job knowing that C&S Plastics will do everything to ensure that these costs remain fixed.

As the market has evolved, custom colors have become a necessity.  You bring the color to us, and we can work with our concentrate suppliers to get a match, custom blend it into our exclusive formulations and get a finished part to market quickly without having to “break the bank” based on large order minimums.  If you are working with a retail entity that asks for branding of their specific product, we can help.

Custom blending has allowed us to create exacting formulations specific to our clients and customers.  If the requirement is for pipe that has stronger impact, more flexibility, better low temperature impact, higher gloss, a matte finish, less or enhanced weathering characteristics; we have the experience to make PVC blends that will satisfy your needs.


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Our extrusion technicians have an average of 9 years experience with C & S Plastics, giving us a stable, consistent workforce that understands our processes and machinery, and is able to develop new products based on strong knowledge of what our extruders can produce.

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