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C&S Plastics’ fittings have tapered edges, clean lines, secure fits, longer socket depths, high gloss finish, and tremendous strength.

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Injection Molding

Our injection molding department has grown tremendously over the past few years.  We have utilized our relationships with mold makers to expand our product line considerably and carry a wide array of Furniture Grade PVC fittings in sizes ranging from 1/2” to 1-1/2”.  Many of our cavity sets are interchangeable amongst a master mold base, allowing us great flexibility to mold different combinations of fittings.

C&S has invested in the latest technology for injection molding machinery and tooling.  Our machinery technology is the latest on the market.  Utilizing a “hybrid” technology, our machines are not only energy efficient but are extremely quiet and provide for a better, safer work environment.  Our machines are dependable, repeatable and consistent shot after shot.  We have mold clamping capabilities ranging from 75 – 400 tons.

Our production mold cavities our produced using high grade stainless and provide us with a lifetime of use with the maintenance schedule we employ.  As certain “wear items” begin to approach out-of-tolerance measurements we immediately plan for replacement.  This ensures our customers will receive the same, consistent quality product for years to come.

In recent years, C&S Plastics has added a large number of custom molds to our existing injection mold inventory.  Many of these are owned by customers and are job specific.  Through our relationships with mold makers, and direct input from you, we can bring your idea from paper to reality at a competitive price.  This allows the creativity and uniqueness of design that many of our clients both desire and need.  It also staves off the competition from duplicating a particular product.  Additionally, some requests may be applicable in other markets, and C&S Plastics can offset a portion of your tooling costs by participating in the initial expense.     We have also done custom injection molding jobs in ABS.  If you have an existing mold at another facility, we can explore running the mold on our machines.

Customization creates separation.  We are not here to dismiss an idea; we are here to see how we can make it work.  Let us utilize our vast network of tooling providers and see if we can bring your ideas to life.


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Our extrusion technicians have an average of 9 years experience with C & S Plastics, giving us a stable, consistent workforce that understands our processes and machinery, and is able to develop new products based on strong knowledge of what our extruders can produce.

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