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Medical Pipe & Fitting Facts:

• Certified heavy metals and phthalates free
• 100% solid wall pipe and fittings
• Tight tolerances

Creating the Industry’s Most Durable Medical Pipe & Fittings

C&S Plastics utilizes its own in house formula to produce solid wall furniture grade pipe.  With full traceability back to the raw materials, we are able to offer full assurance that our pipe will not contain any heavy metals or phthalates.  Additionally, we utilize a high content of impact modifiers, resulting in pipe that withstands the most stringent tests of the medical field.  Our UV inhibitors allow our pipe to retain its color and appearance while being exposed to a variety of weather conditions.  We offer a wide variety of wall thicknesses in a number of different sizes, thus allowing our customers to utilize what they need specific to their designs.  C&S Plastics maintains the same exacting standards of tight tolerances, ovality and consistency no matter the size specified.

Our furniture grade fittings mirror the standards of our pipe.  This results in fittings with high impact, strong UV resistance, and tight tolerances.  C&S Plastics’ fittings have deeper socket depths than the rest of the industry, creating added stability to our customers’ finished products.   In addition to our extensive line of large diameter fittings (1 ¼” and 1 ½”), we now offer a wide array of small diameter fittings (½”, ¾”, 1”).  C&S Plastics has expanded their catalog to include a host of colored pipe and fittings options.   This wide color pallet aligns itself well in the various color coding systems employed by medical facilities.

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Our extrusion technicians have an average of 9 years experience with C & S Plastics, giving us a stable, consistent workforce that understands our processes and machinery, and is able to develop new products based on strong knowledge of what our extruders can produce.

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