Mission & Vision

C&S Plastics’ mission is one of continuous improvement, where we exceed customer expectations from initial contact through completion of every project every time.  Our goal is one of exacting standards that far surpass the industry norm.  We do this through stringent training, comprehensive operating procedures, and exacting tests that mirror applications.  We review materials, and continue to evaluate technologies that can improve our products.  We analyze the marketplace, and come up with new ideas that will broaden the scope of our offerings.

The vision is to stay a number of steps ahead of the markets we serve. In this ever changing, dynamic economy we live in today, C&S must take active and precise actions to be forward thinkers of what will be around the corner.  This is not to say that we compromise on current proficiencies and knowledge.  Rather, we only will further build upon these and make us more dynamic moving forward in all markets we presently serve and any new ones we get into in the future.  We listen to our customers, and identify how we can improve the scope of their reach, and penetrate additional markets.  We look at other materials being utilized on various products, and how our furniture grade PVC can improve the overall performance of these items.  C&S Plastics makes sure that we remember what got us to our current levels, and never turn away customers.  We are not going to place ridiculous order minimums on our customers, nor are we going to move to a position of only being business to businesses.  We are going to take our experience and help our clients reach their desired levels.  We will abide by the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and service and never lose sight of that.  Our expertise is there as a tool for our clients.

We will continue to make the highest quality furniture grade pipe and fittings in the industry.  Our products will be of superior strength, aesthetically unmatched, and able to withstand the most rigorous of weather conditions.  C&S Plastics will continue to invest in the future of the industry through machinery, tooling and employment additions.  We look forward to being a driving force in the Furniture Grade PVC market.