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Patio Furniture / Pool Accessories PVC Fitting Facts:

• Superior appearance and design
• Wide variety of fittings/accessories
• Over 20+ years of field use

Creating the Industry’s Most Durable Patio Furniture/ Pool Accessory Fittings

PVC has long been recognized for its inherent durability and overall value in the patio furniture industry. Though C&S Plastics’ Furniture Grade Pipe and Fittings ship to a number of different market segments now, we understand that our inception in 1987 was predicated on the Outdoor Patio Furniture market. Though the years have brought about many changes within the pool and patio furniture market, we continue to provide Furniture Grade Pipe and Fittings that have the functionality, strength, and enhanced appearance long desired in this industry. We have expanded our product line in all sizes to adjust to the changes in designs that have come about.

All of C&S Plastics’ pipe and fittings conform to strict sizing standards. This guarantees ease of construction in the assembly process. Additionally, we carefully select materials & develop formulas with high ultraviolet protection and strong impact thresholds. We produce our pipe with a solid wall extrusion process, giving you the same physical properties on the inside and outside of the pipe. Whether you are seeking fluted pipe or smooth, colors or white; all of our in house Furniture Grade formulations will be resistant to chipping, fading, chemicals, oxidation and weathering. We have put the same strict evaluations on the injection molding compounds we utilize, resulting in fittings that have the same inherent properties as our pipe.

C&S Plastics has recently added metallic bronze to its extensive catalog of colors. After undergoing considerable testing, we can confidently say that this rich color carries the same UV resistant and weathering properties that our customers have enjoyed in our other products. In the patio furniture and pool accessory markets, metallic bronze has created stylish design options. Customers have the ability to purchase a product that has all of the beneficial qualities and value of PVC, but the look of significantly more expensive materials.

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