Frequently Asked Questions

What is PVC?

Polyvinyl Chloride. It is also commonly referred to as vinyl, or plastic (though this represents a wide range materials). PVC’s product spectrum is extremely diversified due to its versatility. It is produced in flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid forms.

What is the difference between solid wall (monolithic) pipe and co-extruded pipe (dual layer)?

Solid wall pipe is composed of one uniform material throughout, while co-extruded involves a capping material which is usually enhanced for the application while the secondary core layer is made up of a secondary compound.

Is C&S Plastics’ furniture grade pipe the same color on the inside as it is on the outside?

Our solid wall furniture grade pipe is the same color throughout.  Our co-extruded pipe will be offered in the same defined colors, but the inside wall may be a different shade or color.  This technique is employed because it allows C&S Plastics to capture and recycle existing materials and cut costs for the consumer on our more expensive formulations.

Are Furniture Grade Pipe and Fittings available only in white?

Unlike plumbing grades which are typically produced in white, C&S Plastics offers a wide array of colors in pipe and fittings. In addition to white, our product spectrum includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray, black, metallic bronze and bone. We continue to explore new possibilities, so please contact us about any other colors that may benefit you.

Will Furniture Grade PVC yellow like my plumbing pipe did when it was left outside?

No, Furniture Grade PVC is enhanced with a combination of titanium dioxide and UV stabilizers. These ingredients stave off the damage that can be created by the sun and various weather conditions. They also act as a protective mechanism against material degredation.

Will the bright colors be okay to use outside?

Our bright colors are produced from UV absorbent materials to resist fading, and fight off the sun’s harmful rays.

Can you visually see the difference between Furniture Grade Pipe and Fittings vs. Plumbing Pipe and Fittings?

Yes, Furniture Grade PVC carries a higher gloss finish, is virtually blemish free and has no printing on it.

Why should I use Furniture Grade PVC if I am producing a structure that will be indoors?

Furniture Grade PVC is enhanced with impact modifiers, adding a tremendous amount of strength to weight bearing or structural applications. C&S Plastics Pipe and Fittings have the durability to be drilled, cut, or have screws mounted into them without chipping, cracking, or breaking.

How do C&S Plastics Furniture Grade Fittings differ from other furniture grade manufacturers?

Our furniture grade fittings are produced with longer socket depths, increasing stability in finished assemblies. In addition, our fittings have tapered ends for visual enhancement. We continually monitor the overall quality of our fittings, making tooling adjustments as necessary.

What if my design requires a bend?

Furniture Grade PVC is commonly formed through varied heating and bending processes. The biggest examples of this are in the patio furniture and medical equipment industries. Please call us for additional information on bending and forming.

How can I move forward on my invention if I do not have the means to produce it?

C&S Plastics has the ability to produce and ship items directly from its facility. We offer a variety of custom services.

Can C&S Plastics ensure that their products do not contain lead (heavy metals) or phthalates?

Yes, we produce our pipe from in house raw materials. Our fittings are produced by compound suppliers that have provided documentation certifying their materials. We do not bring in any scrap or recycle products at all. This allows us full traceability back to the materials inception.

How do I clean my Furniture Grade PVC Pipe and Fittings?

Non abrasive cleaners would be best to avoid any scratching of the surface, such as a mild soap and water mix. However, Soft Scrub does work well to clean the pipe and fittings.

Is it possible to combine products and colors to reach volume discounts?

C&S Plastics cannot combine colors for discounts because our costs are determined by overall run length, and efficiencies within one component. Being a manufacturer, a changeover in styles, sizes, and colors results in added time and costs.

What is the difference between bundled and loose rack pipe?

Bundled pipe involves taking a predetermined amount of pipe and wrapping it in a heavy, protective plastic (25 pieces of 10 foot lengths for pipe under 1”, 10 pieces of 10 foot lengths for 1” to 1-1/2” and 5 pieces of 10 foot lengths for pipe 2” and above). Loose rack pipe is an option only for pallets, where the whole contents are enclosed in a frame and wrapped around the outside layer with a heavy plastic. Pallets can consist of bundled pipe, as well.

Can I order pipe, without having to get delivery by a truck?

In full stock lengths, a truck is necessary for shipping. However, C&S Plastics can cut the stock lengths (10 feet) down to smaller lengths to accommodate the requirements of UPS and Fed EX.