Services Overview

C&S Plastics is a dynamic and diverse company in the sense of plastic processors.  Traditionally, a plastic processor may only offer one particular specialty (extrusion or molding).  At C&S Plastics, we excel in and offer Custom Pipe Blending, Extrusion, Injection Molding and Fabrication.

Our Mixing division provides C&S Plastics a unique position compared to the rest of the furniture grade industry.  Whereas, our competitors must bring in pipe (extrusion) material supplied by PVC compounders, we produce our own formulations in-house from raw materials.  Utilizing our commercial grade mixer, we can produce formulations that meet the many different needs of our customer base, allowing us full traceability of materials.

Our Extrusion division is fully equipped with the latest in technology.  Conical twin-screw and single screw parallel extruders, vacuum loaders, precise vacuum sizing tanks, belt pullers and servo saws allow us to stay current with the latest extrusion capabilities available.  Our extensive tooling inventory allows us to produce many different dimensions.  We also have the ability to produce various profile extrusions.

Our Injection Molding division is also equipped with the latest in molding technology.  We have invested in many hybrid presses that are not only more energy efficient but are consistent and repeatable shot after shot.  Our production molds are produced with high grade stainless for many years of service.  Vacuum loaders and area grinders allow the machine operator to stay focused on watching and maintaining product quality.  We have been very competitive in the area of custom molds for unique injection molded parts in PVC and ABS.

Our Fabrication division is our most recent venture.  It was borne from the need of budding entrepreneurs that have great ideas but lacked the infrastructure to bring the product to market.  C&S is now firmly positioned to bridge that gap and bring your product to life.  Some of the services we offer are: design work, cut to length, bending, drilling notching, sub-assemblies, final build out, custom packaging, drop-shipping and many more.

We believe that we are truly unique in the area of one stop shopping.  We can look at exact jobs, and bring them from initiation to implementation.  We can deliver on what you need, when you need it!

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