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Solar Pool Heating PVC Fitting Facts:

• Proven in-house proprietary formulation
• Black and white offered
• Over 20+ years of field use

Creating the Industry’s Most Durable Solar Pool Heating Fittings

C&S Plastics PVC Solar Pipe continues to be an industry leader in the state of Florida for pool heating. Our in-house proprietary formulations have a proven track record within Florida’s harsh climate for over 20 years. With our in state success, and a greater public understanding of solar pool heating, we have earned expansion into areas throughout the country.

As with all our products, C&S Plastics PVC solar pipe will give the consistency of sizing required for your solar installation. Though typical demand calls for 20’ lengths, we can accommodate smaller lengths as well. C&S Plastics’ solar pipe comes in 1 ½” and 2″ schedule 40 sizing, and is available in both black and white. Our material is clean, safe, and durable. C&S Solar pipe is maintenance free and 100% solid wall.

We have matched an environmentally safe product with an environmentally safe pool heating application. C&S Plastics PVC Solar Pipe has become a huge part of what many people refer to as one of the most practical applications of solar energy overall. When it comes to heating your pool, ask your distributor for C&S brand solar pipe, and enjoy the proven benefits.

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